10 Things About ME


This is my favorite time of year… I am one of “those” that creates New Year’s Resolutions. It helps me regroup, pivot, learn and grow.

Also, I always have a “word” of the year. This year it is “Grace”. To remember to give grace to everyone.. even those that may not seem to give grace back. Keeping in mind that some people…most people …are fighting a battle that I know nothing about.

Speaking of knowing nothing about, I thought I would comprise a “10 things” list. For fun and to keep it light, below are 10 things you probably may not ( or may) know about me…

Get to know your stylist better:

Top 10 things that come to mind about me:

1. I am a huge INTROVERT. Someone pointed out that I am a “recovering” introvert. I am great one on one in conversation but I am actually a pretty shy, quiet, reserved person.

2. I went to Beauty School for running start in High School. Receiving my license to do hair when I was only 16 years old. ( This has remained my career all this time)

3. I am a crisis counselor on a text line. I have also volunteered in Pediatrics Intensive Care at Swedish for over 8 years and have cut hair on a regular basis for the homeless. ” Service is the rent we pay for living on this earth”

4. Mont Saint Michel is my “happy” place… Google it, its magical and I wish everyone can go there at least once

5. I love to run! But only before the sun comes up… No matter the weather

6. I get up each morning without an alarm at 4:45 am. Sleeping in on vacation to me is 6 am

7. My greatest inspiration of all time is my Grandma Betty. She encouraged me growing up that outer beauty is not true beauty, strive for inner beauty. She lost her battle with breast cancer after I graduated high school, dying at home she was never scared.. she told me she is excited to go where she was going next… I strive to have half the wit, grace, inner beauty and most of all…her faith .

8. I name all my cars I have ever owned.. My current cute lil Mini Cooper is “Betty”… ( yes after my grandma )

9. I was born in New York ( not the city but the state)

10. I am turning 50 this year !! ( I finally can say it out loud!)

I hope this helps get to know me a little better.. My biggest daily joy is getting to know all my clients better and better each visit. I am so grateful for all of you and can’t wait to share 2022 with everyone that graces my studio door!