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Inner Beauty and Boudoir Photography

Looking back at this photo taken of Brock and me. Lands End Cabo. 2004

Brock is 3 and I am almost two decades younger. Brock looks so serious, nestled on my lap, he looks safe.
I remember this day like it was yesterday. The softness of his arms brushed mine. Dimpled forearms.Sunkissed cheeks, a furrowed brow, sandy blonde hair.
I had no idea what the future would hold for us. Him and I. I dreamed of what it would look like…. never guessing how different the journey really would be. Beyond my wildest dreams. It would be another 6 to 7 years before my soon-to-be husband would enter my life. I shake my head in the absurd reality of it all. Divorced, Single Mom, Divorced again (!!) 2004 never let on to all the twists and turns the road would become. It was rocky, and rough many times. Sleepless nights, teary-eyed days. I wanted to quit but knew I had to keep on… Knowing God had a plan, a better plan than I. I lost my faith countless times, only to find it again… and again.
I could not be happier now…2023
My point is… I never envisioned myself getting married THREE times. I would have judged myself harshly. I have always thought of myself as a good judge of character, book smart and street smart so how could I possible “mess” up and twice?
My life lessons are that I know I do NOT have it all under control, but what I can control is my outlook on things. I have more faith than ever before. It’s been confirmed that the journey maybe long but worth it…
My words of wisdom to any or all of you is to keep on going when the days are rough… Keep giving into faith. I know how hardit can be . I too have dealt with more than most people know but it makes me appreciate all I do have and grateful for my upcoming nuptials to a person that I truly have waited all my life for…
SIDENOTE: Please reach out if you need to talk with someone… I am here.
ALWAYS a text or call away, and I care.

Now that I have your attention….
Obviously, I am changing things up in my personal life soon but also am excited to change things up professionally!
I will be adding boudoir photography to my menu of services soon.
For several years after getting certified to be a professional photographer I have pondered what exactly I want to shoot. Yes, I do love candid shots and I love portrait photography… I also love helping empower women (and men), so Boudoir seems to be a perfect fit. All bodies, sizes, shapes, ages or gender should be celebrated… It’s not about sex but all about sex-y. Sexy to me is loving who we are…plus how fun to look back on these photos YEARS from now knowing that we may not have had it all figured out but we had what it took.
So, to get started down this lovely road, I will be doing FREE photo shoots in my studio once I return. I want as much opportunity to play with lighting and posing.
Please reach out if you are interested… I know this might be an uncomfortable thing to do and/or ask for, I get it… I will make you feel as if you were hanging out at home… I promise. Even if these photos are just for you ( which is the best person to give them to )
Looking forward to seeing AS MANY of you as possible!
Another fun idea I have is portrait photography… for those shy folks out there that have never had their photos taken or need new ones! I would love to do candid photos that show the true you, whether we venture outside or in my studio!

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