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Always amazing to go on vacation, but Awesome to come home…

Things I learned about home while away
I am home! Ixtapa MX was calling my name so I answered.
I love going away. Traveling for me is a MUST, but I can say coming home is ALWAYS a huge sigh of bliss.
Here are the top 5 reasons I love to go away along with the top 5 reasons it’s always great to come home.
Reasons to Vacation:
1. Rest my aging tired body from the wear and tear of long hours at work.
2. Have someone else cook for me, especially if it’s a different cuisine
3. Escape the cold rainy weather
4. Meet new people and immerse into another “world”
5. Dream of living in another place
Reasons it’s SO great to come home:
1. Get back to work refreshed! I’m blessed to really love what I do
2. Spend time in MY kitchen, eating all the foods I’m used to making and love.
3. Go for an early morning run in the rain and crisp air
4. See all my family, friends, and loved ones
5. Being in my own home where all is familiar
As you may see.. the reasons for leaving mirror the reasons for returning.
I love to travel as much as I love being home. Being away grounds me, making me appreciate all I have more and more. Goal setting for my mental, physical and spiritual well-being is a practice I do each and every time I’m on a trip… Propelling me to be a better friend, daughter, partner, and professional.
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Dawn Marie

I LOVE what I do.. I love engaging in conversation with my clients... old or new. I have been doing hair since I was 16 and find more love for it every passing year! I also LOVE to travel.. Paris is my happy place or just hanging out with loved ones!