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Beauty, the shoulds and should nots at age….

I recently turned 50! I have embraced this age with welcome arms. It took me many years to reach this milestone and also the mindset of how 50 would look. How it could look for me..

Along with perhaps some of you, I saw age as a curse. Being 18, I wanted to be 21, 21 I wanted to be 25, then come along to my 30’s. I wanted to go back in time and be in my 20’s. Such a roller-coaster.

Oh lord! How I felt when I hit 40! 40?! How could I be this OLD? With a lot of self-awareness, meditating, looking at my “mistakes” and reorganizing them into “life lessons” I started to look down the barrel of turning 50 with excitement.

Reading on social media, overhearing women chatting in public, or simply picking up self-help books that continuously preach about what women should or should not be after a certain age.


I am in the beauty industry so I will tackle this through the lens of fashion and “looking” better.

The common theme I read or hear is about what women should or should not be wearing.

Their hair shouldn’t be passed a certain length due to age or density.

Do not wear certain eye shadow shades, it will enhance the wrinkles

Definitely STOP wearing black eyeliner

Short or tight tailoring never looks good on certain body types, especially after many stages in ones life

Can we please not wear a bold lip, it may diminish the size of the mouth.

THIS is what I read and/or hear… I ponder.

I call BULLSH&T!

I feel that no woman, man or any human should tell anyone else what they can and can not do with their hair, makeup, clothes, or look in general.

If it makes you feel gorgeous, sexy and confident, I applaud you! You do you! PLEASE! It is what makes this world gorgeous and so great to live in.

Why should any woman or man tell another human what they can or can not be, especially what they should or should not look like?

I shake my head at these posts… I commented on them. One read recently “Women over the age of 40 should not wear dark eyeliner or their hair past their shoulders, especially if it’s blonde”… I replied, I am 50. My hair is bright blonde, cascades all the way down my back and I wear dark eyeliner 5 out of 7 days” The reply I received back was “ wow, you’re 50?!

This reply had me chuckle… yes, I am! And I FEEL great… damn it!

Let us empower other people, especially our sisters walking the earth. Our struggles are real, personal, and hard enough…

Every single being is beautiful regardless of age, body type, hair, eyes, clothes, or voice….

The happiest girls are the most confident girls, thank you Audrey Hepburn for saying this years ago…I remember this quote quite often.

Can we all agree to stop giving unsolicited advice or judgment to other humans? It’s hard enough to judge ourselves every time we look in the mirror.

Let’s embrace one another and realize we all are struggling in an inner battle. We all want to feel loved and significant.

Please, be you! Everyone else is taken … wear sparkle eye-shadow, your hair down to the floor, mid-drift shirts, and tight pants if it pleases you, and exclaim “ I got it!”. Bring on confidence and amplify energy.

Be well, be beautiful, be YOU!

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