Cezzane vs Brazilian Blowout… What ARE the differences


First, let me confirm that I do both treatments.  I hope this blog is informative and aids in which one to book for..

For those of you that do not know what a Brazilian Blowout or Cezanne treatment is:

They are semi-permanent hair treatments that smooth and add shine to frizzy and/or textured hair.

Brazilian Blowout:

Brazilian Blowout’s main ingredients are as followed:



methylene glycol.

methylene oxide.


formic aldehyde.



Formaldehyde is incredibly effective at penetrating deep into the hair cuticle and providing optimal smoothness, but it’s also a known carcinogen. A carcinogen, chemicals, and hazardous substances can increase the risk of cancer.

Cezanne treatment’s main ingredients are as followed:

sericin (a component of silk)

aloe vera


glycolic acid


botanical extracts.

Cezanne is the first of its kind to deliver the five-star, frizz-free results by using lemon and crab apple extracts to gently open the cuticle of the hair to allow the keratin to enter the cortex.

Cezanne treatments give you the benefits of typical keratin treatments, without the drawbacks of harmful chemicals.

While safety should be the top priority, efficacy is important too.

Researching “organic”, “Safe” smoothing treatments for a few years now… With the potential for long-term health issues for me and the planet (currently providing 5 to 7 Brazilian Blowouts a day), I was very skeptical of the results that would come close to a Brazilian Blowout. I’ve tested many “keratin” treatments and just was not happy UNTIL I found Cezanne. Not only do I feel the results are similar but better. With Cezanne, hair is restored and feels much better over time. The reason being: Cezanne deposits NATURAL keratin and many other yummy amino acids and vitamins INTO the cortex layer ( middle layer, under the cuticle)

Cezanne is the first of its kind to deliver the five-star, frizz-free results I have been searching for. Formaldehyde treatments are done by pushing the keratin into the cuticle with heat, and formaldehyde acts as its finishing product.

Cezanne uses lemon and crab apple extracts to gently open the cuticle of the hair to allow the keratin to enter the cortex.”

Benefits of Cezanne Keratin Hair Treatment



Customizable depending on desired results

Can wash hair immediately post-treatment

Can color hair immediately after

Natural ingredients

This all being said: What ARE the differences my guests may find.

Due to the keratin that is present after the treatment, the hair may feel straighter or stiffer. This is because the keratin is newly introduced to the damaged hair. My guests will feel this difference mainly on the parts of the hair that is compromised. To help with this if this is not the desired feel, simply wash the hair. This will rinse away the extra keratin that is on the hair.

Cezanne Treatments last longer after 2nd visit. Cezanne Treatment line has an “express” version that does not last as long as the normal treatment if needing less…
Cezanne also has a “purple” version that will take brass out of blondes or greying hair… toner and smoothing at once.

My desire in adding this to my service menu is NOT to what I call “Brazilian Blowout Shaming”

If any of my guests do not feel comfortable changing from what they know and love. I get it… change can be hard! I will still be performing the staple Brazilian Blowout. We will be installing a fan above my station to take the air up and out.

I am excited that I have found Cezanne now and not needing to scramble in the future. Washington State will most likely follow California Law: The Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act, which is exactly what it sounds like and recently passed. It goes into effect in 2025 banning the use of 24 toxic chemicals with Formaldehyde being # 1. Meaning Brazilian Blowouts will not be able to be done (legally).

Things that recently inspired me to “when you know better, do better” was watching the Series “Not So Pretty” found on HBO Max. This show investigates the trillion-dollar cosmetic and beauty industry. This four-part series uncovers what is in makeup, artificial nails, skin products, and the last one… HAIR. I encourage you to watch to become more informed.

Also taking a look at my world … I want to help not take away. We all want to live a happy healthy life and I am on a journey to learn and progress. Knowing I am FAR from perfect.

This brings me to thank all my guests that have reached out to try this new treatment and I welcome all questions and concerns… Do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you again for all your loyalty and trust… It truly does not go unnoticed and I feel very grateful for all the amazing people that I have in my life… Including those of you that grace Dawn Marie Artistry’s doorstep on a regular basis

Much love and Be Well.. xoxo


Im not just a provider but I also do Cezanne Treatments on my hair!

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