YOU GUYS!!!     Who wants to talk about contour?  Every since The Kardashians came out in the public eye with their flawless looking faces, this trend took the forefront of makeup “secrets”…   and isn’t going away anytime soon. I remember when it first came out, I had to have a “map” of the face to see where all the highlights and lowlights went on, almost … well not ALMOST but VERY MUCH SO looking “tribal” when finished. Now thank goodness, the trends are all about  creating makeup that is beautiful and practical for real women! Im not saying Kim Kardashian isn’t a “real” woman but who here has a team of makeup artists and two FULL hours to get ready every morning.  2 hours you guys!! Any new mommas reading this… I know what ya’ll can get done in 2 FULL hours and its NOT makeup!

Let me break it down in some simple steps!  Bronzer, Illuminator and Blush!

The first, most to step is picking a WARM or COOL palette.

For a Natural Contour…

  • People with warm  or golden undertones should choose  WARM colors.
  • People with cool or pink undertones should choose the COOL colors.
  • For a Dramatic Contour…

  • People with warm  or golden undertones should choose  COOL colors.
  • People with cool or pink undertones should choose the WARM colors.

Seems a little confusing? Here are the “why’s”… Whether you wear the WARM  or COOL colors  depends on your skin undertones and the look you want to achieve. You should pick the shade that mimics your skin’s undertone for a NATURAL  look and one that is opposite of your undertone for a more  DRAMATIC look.

When applying  contouring  highlighting and blush , all you have to do is remember a few  simple steps:

  1. SCULPT your bone structure with the contour powder. This can be done with “bronzer” or powder that is darker than your skin tone. When doing this on myself or others, I usually pose making a “fish face”.  EVERYONE knows this … right??  Sucking in your cheeks! Apply  in the sucked in areas will help you !
  2. ILLUMINATE the high points of your face with the powder highlighter or illuminator .  This is usually something lighter than your skin and most the time (not all) was “sparkle” in it. I once heard someone say this should go on wherever light hits your face first.. If you were to shine a flash light on yourself from above, which areas does the light hit? High point of the forehead, right above the apples of your cheek and on your chin.
  3. ENHANCE your cheeks with  blush. A trick to finding your cheeks ( on your face 😁) … Smile WITHOUT showing your teeth! This pops out your cheeks.. dab lightly your blush of choice and up towards your ear ( Please don’t just stop at your cheeks and make circles!  Unless you are dressing up as a clown… then this is correct!

I recommend applying your contour, highlighter, and blush after you apply your foundation and/or face powder.


With “WHAT” do I use to Contour , highlight and blush ???

Contour Brush

The Contour Brush is a large, flat-headed  brush with densely packed bristles ….  this brush makes more of a “punch” or dramatic look…   OR

Blending/Contour Brush

The Blending/Contour Brush is a large, angled-shaped , medium-density, brush.  Easier to control product, it gives more of a natural look.



My last step is to BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! And just when you think you blended… blend more.  I suggest using a big “buffer” brush,  sometimes called a “blending” brush .    I have seen on many occasion women that have a dark line under a pink line, under a sparkle line… a trifecta of contouring gone wrong! I just chalk it up to poor lighting in their bathroom… ( lets hope!).

I hope this helps in making all of your into a flawless looking version of yourself in a timely manner.  Because we ALL know we would LOVE more time!

Much love you guys! xooxoxo


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