Dawndra Budd… Not “just” a photographer… STUNNING “artist”




I can NOT say enough GREAT things about this lady right here!  Not only is she one of the coolest people… her photographs  are TRULY a works of art.  She takes such pride in each and every click of her camera and it shows.  I met her years ago when her photos hung above my station and lingered all around the salon I worked for  … Displaying her talent for others to get to know and absorb.  I was fascinated by her images, they spoke to me… telling me the story that was meant to be documented .  This was years ago… and she just keeps getting better every passing day.. Hard to believe but true… She is honestly born to be behind a camera… You can not learn what she does. She is in a league of her own.  I had the amazing opportunity to work with her a few times ( every day would never be too much )  also being in front of her camera,  photographed by her …. which if YOU get the chance to do would be a bucket list experience… Again, I can NOT say enough about Dawndra..   Please check her out for yourself..

First : Dawndra
Last: Budd

Name of your business

Portraits by Dawndra



What do you specialize in?

I specialize in documenting love and telling stories.

How long have you been in business?
I’ve been in business 9 years. Shooting photos for 20 years.

What made you want to do what you do? (What is your “why”)

I do what I do because I know that it will bring joy to others for generations to come. I love capturing the beauty in people.

Where do you see yourself in Five years?
In five years I see myself traveling the world with my photography. Telling and creating my own stories.

If you didnʼt do this, what would you do instead and why?
If I didn’t do this I would be rescuing animals!

What do you recommended for a smooth interaction with your business?

Advice on your big day… HAVE FUN! Let me work. You relax and enjoy the love.

Do you have a mentor or inspiration?

I am inspired by other photographers who pour their soul into their work. It’s much more than a job for me.

What makes your business stand out from others?

My business stands out from others because I have a unique way of seeing things. I care deeply about each photograph I make, and edit each one individually.


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