Grateful for my “Job”

Cathy!  She is such a joy to have in my studio.  I can’t remember how long ago I met Cathy, it’s been ages… decades.  I do remember  she was vibrant , youthful , educated and had an infectious laugh. Years and Years later she STILL is vibrant, youthful, educated and makes me laugh..

Since then I have had the pleasure of routinely  cutting hair for her family… Stephanie , Mara. Daughter and granddaughter have graced my doorstep for years and years.  Stephanie and Mara followed me when I moved to Seattle.  Every few months their smiling faces greeted me to get their hair back into shape.  Cathy decided the journey every few weeks was too much, which I understood.  When I moved back to Tacoma, Stephanie and Mara were excited ..the miles on their car no longer had to happen to see me and I was excited that Cathy showed back up asking ” Will you take me back??”… YES OF COURSE I exclaimed.

Why do I tell you this short/long story… Cathy and her family are a great example of why I love what I do … why I continue to show up even though MY body is becoming older. Not only do I enjoy doing their hairstyles for them, I enjoy thoroughly hearing about them, their lives, travels and adventures.  Cathy is getting older just like Stephanie who is my age and Mara who is graduating high school (whom Ive known almost all her life).  We all are getting older but I am so blessed to “grow up” with so many intriguing, warm, fun, loving, inspiring people.

When asked why I “JUST” do hair, I chuckle to myself.. I get and give more than “JUST” doing hair.

All those reading this, you too are probably the reason why I do what I do and I thank you.  Thank you for making my life so blessed and heart so full.