**May I be the first, or one of the first to wish y’all a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
“WITCH”ever holidays you celebrate or do not, I want to you to know I hope you have a very happy end of the year.
Let’s end 2022 with a grateful heart.
Just a couple of news flashes real quick!

My work schedule will be changing as of January 8th.
I will be working LONG days Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.
Instead of working half days Saturdays and Sundays, Sundays will turn into full days. Instead of working the “early” shift on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, I will work into the evening…

I am reserving my Saturdays for wedding hair. Most of you know I ran a successful onsite business for over a decade. Covid eliminated all weddings for two+ years, I went back to working only in the salon and giving up onsite work. But, I miss it! So I will be spearheading back into the bridal business. Leaving behind the name Seattle Bride Hair ( very limiting ) and rebranding as Dawn Marie Artistry. If you know anyone needing special occasion hair I would love the referral/s!
On the topic of Special Occasion Hair, please keep me in mind as holiday parties are a go this year! I would LOVE to style you up for anything you have going on…
With my deep passion for styling hair, I’m even willing to discount this service through Dec 20th!
All holiday hair done in the salon will be discounted 50%! Yup, half off… this is how much I love styling hair. But there is a stipulation… I will be allowed to photograph and use the image on social media and/or websites.

Another dream I have: blog more and photograph my guests. Most of you have incredible stories. Journeys I love to hear about. First I must say that your privacy is my number priority… please know that what is discussed in Studio A stays in the chair. I will be shouting out to some of you, asking if I can make a book of my most intriguing, inspiring people. I will not take it personally if the answer is no. I am grateful that I am trusted. I also believe stories should be shared. It helps us all grow… you never know how your path in life can impact another… Thank YOU for being YOU.
Dawn Marie xoxo

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Dawn Marie

I LOVE what I do.. I love engaging in conversation with my clients... old or new. I have been doing hair since I was 16 and find more love for it every passing year! I also LOVE to travel.. Paris is my happy place or just hanging out with loved ones!