How to Have Glow “y” Skin, Even on These HOT Summer Days

  1. Stay hydrated ! Carry your H2O everywhere you go with you. Chug-A-Lug!  Your skin is made up of cells, like any other cell in the body, are made up of water… 64% of water ! Glow from the inside out.
  2. Eat your veggies! Especially those that have antioxidants. They are great for a glowing complexion. Vegetables high in Vitamin C and D decrease free radicals, which help eliminate brown spots and dull flaky skin.
  3. Apply retinol cream and vitamin A. This will help in cellular turn over, replacing older cells. BE CAREFUL OF THE SUN. As always wear sunscreen.
  4. Apply setting spray.  AKA “Hairspray for the the face”.  Keeping makeup from melting off during long hot days.  Apply before/during and after application.
  5. Combine illuminator with your foundation. Don’t wear foundation? Apply illuminator right above the apples of your cheeks … giving you a nice healthy glow.
  6. Self tanner. Apply right after showering with gloves  surgical on ( to avoid that gross brown tint between the fingers)
  7. Lip gloss one shade lighter than your natural lip color
  8. Moisturize your hands and feet before bed every night.  Summer heat takes a toll  on our digits as we are out playing in the sun.. lets treat them nice as we sleep and wake up to youthful skin…. Refreshed once again.
  9. Make sure you get enough sleep! Summer is full of fun but it is important to look your best which requires SLEEP!
  10. BE HAPPY!! Mediate, pray, call your mom, go have coffee with your best friend, snuggle longer with your boo … the true key to GLOWY skin is happiness! ENJOY … xoxoxoxo