If you can’t say something nice.. go to social media!

My love/hate with review platforms..

“Other people’s opinions of me are none of my BUSINESS”…

Great words to live by unless it really is my “Business”.  Yelp, Google, Bing, Facebook etc can be a huge source of information. When it comes to exploring new cities, businesses and things to do, I myself look  to these platforms on a weekly basis if not daily.  The real negative… down right drag is… People some times suck.  I’m sorry to break it to you but they do.  They have issues that can  be resolved sometimes by hiding behind a computer and lashing out at any/all victim’s in their path.  

Let me explain, and maybe you can relate.  

I recently had a guest that LOVED her hair.  Before doing her hair, I explained the process, how long it will take and what she could expect.  Right on point , everything that was explained happened and she was more than delighted! She even went as far as saying “ I hope my hair stays like this forever!” booking her next appointment.  Immediately after, I walked outside, saw her on her phone and back right into MY car.  I was speaking with a neighbor who witnessed it all.  Startled she was, she  started to drive off with her rolled down window.  I asked her to stop and she said “Im sure THAT car is just fine”. When I told her it was my car, she then said she would pay out of pocket.  I was MORE than nice, knowing this could be a normal “mistake” .. ( talking on the phone while driving can be hard, maybe that why it’s illegal). I took a photo of her license but didnt want to bother HER too much and let her drive on.. I then went and got 2 estimates. Both right around a grand to fix my car.  I nicely texted her the estimate and wished her a happy weekend.. She came at me guns a blazing… Accusingly saying that my car probably already had the damage !  Yada..yada..yada.. She went on and on…

Then of course the BIG fall out.. she googled my business and gave me 1 star on EVERY platform she could find, write and vent too.  I LOVE what I do and it shows.  My reviews take up most 5 stars.  I know, some people say it’s best to have a “few” low stars in there, but this causes me to not sleep at night.  For so many reasons.  1. It saddens me, makes my blood boil that people can be so heartless about another’s small business.  This is not only my passion but also my livelihood. 2. Other people may believe the false review! 3. AND THIS IS THE BIG ONE!  Most of these platforms will NOT take it down… Yelp will go as far as keeping all the negative ones up and “archiving” the positive! Yelp calls me all the time, asking if I would advertise on them.. my thought of YELP is “like the mafia, once you’re in… you can’t get out!”  Needless to say I don’t do business with YELP. They are such a racket that once your business is listed, you cant remove it! 

I did have another bad review.. the woman said “ Every says she’s so nice… I didn’t think she was nice at all!”   To her defense.. I didn’t really speak with her… I had just put my dog down the day before and my brother was diagnosed with cancer ( he’s a-okay… I’m happy to report!) but I PHYSICALLY couldn’t speak… I was in my own mind BUT I did do a great job on her hair.

Oh my gosh you guys! My rant. rant…. rant is basically to say … life not fair!!!… No, this isn’t what I want to say.. I want to say we ALL are human! With bad and good days. Good hours and good weeks.. Trying to live a life , hopefully with peace and happiness. At least I know I am!  I know the girl that hit my car and then took it out on my business has underlying issues obviously but her actions can and will  effect me.  I try to take a negative situation and turn it positive.  So what can I do, what did I do??.. I went on the internet and wrote positive reviews on a lot of businesses I have dealt with recently.  I believe it’s important to focus on the GOOD not the BAD… Just like I will thank, honor and remember all the people that have left me with  such great reviews and continue to support me … THESE are MY people.  And if for the slightest second I start to go down the negative rabbit hole… I just put on Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off and dance until my smile returns! 

Much LOVE always!

Dawn Marie xo


PS and remember… people’s opinions really shouldn’t matter… unless it’s your cats!