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Life In A Blink Of An Eye

I recently read a blurb about how life can change at a moment’s notice. It went on to ask the scary question “Are you ready?” What a silly way to get people engaged. How can anyone be ready?

We plan our lives around what we think the future will hold, but no one knows.

The anxiety around scheduling doctor visits and having hard conversations with people surrounding us. Our actions may or may not help with this control over future days.

The constant shooting, robberies, inflation numbers, pandemics… It’s a wonder why we even turn on the news. Things we can’t control but make us terrified if we let it.

The off-color repeated joke of “ You never know, I could get hit by a bus” makes people chuckle and a little more secure with the unknown future.

So many things we want to do, places to travel, articles, and blogs to write.

Let us come to a daily routine of breathing deeply and embracing the days we have left. Remembering that no one is promised anything in this life, including our next hours on this planet.

Tell your loved ones that they are loved. Take that moment to send that email or text. Sit down and create, even if no one else sees it except you. Read! and read some more. Do “the thing” that makes you smile and your heart full. Take photos, a lot of photos. Don’t fret about the lines and wrinkles that are appearing on your face, it shows your past life and how you got here. Be honest but gentle.

Make choices you can live with and never regret.

Leave a legacy, write out how that looks to you.

Each day we have a chance to begin again.

Each day could be our last.

Be forgiving and kind…, especially to yourself.

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Dawn Marie

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