Hi you guys!  I just had a last minute cancelation, 40 minutes before her appointment ,but hey guess what ! I at least get to write this blog or at least half of it before my next guest!

I have spoken up about this topic several times out of frustration but lets talk real facts on why this is so “exhausting”.  I LOVE what I do! Let me say it again for the cheap seats in the back .. I LOVE WHAT I DO. This means not only my job of doing hair, but I also look forward to seeing my guests and chatting.  If I could do it for free… I would.  But guess what, I can’t.  Like most of middle class America, I have  a mortgage, utilities, food to pay for, gas to run my car AND expenses to run my business.  I feel like I’m a pretty responsible adult which means I analyze my budget almost monthly. I calculate how many clients  I need to do  and at what amount … on a  weekly, monthly basis to run a tight ship (and give Frankie his wet cat food on occasion).

I do  have clients cancel on the spur of the moment or simply “no show” because they decided to “go out shopping” with a girlfriend, “forgot” about the appointment we had, or “just didn’t feel like coming in” ( Oh how I dislike the first sunny days in the PNW)

I totally understand if  clients aren’t self employed, they don’t often think about things from the perspective of the self employed. I get it and want to give grace to those who just never thought about it . . .  No malice EVER is intended….

However, sudden cancellation hurts . . . I am a “yes” person and much of the year I work 6 days a week to get my guests in.  I appreciate them coming back time and time again so I keep my prices down and my standards high.  This being said a gap in my day last minute which  could have been filled in a timely fashion but can’t because getting a text THAT day saying they can’t make it puts  all  of us in a state of “no win”.  Another way to put this is, I can’t fill the space last minute so I am left holding the bag and someone could be getting their hair done.  It leaves me in a financial situation also.. remember that budget I spoke of… no shows and cancelations add up fast.

If a client believes that playing hokey during  work or needing to get a massage is an emergency, then I believe we need to be talking about it. Sometimes those things perceived by clients to be emergencies may be  holes in mine and their boundaries . . . like not being able to say “no” to a friend who drops by and wants to go shopping; sometimes prioritizing is an issue that needs to be addressed.

My friends and clients hear me often stress the need for them to learn  self care. What better way than to “drag” yourself in to get your hair done and vent for awhile to your hairdresser ( aka ME).  What I’m trying to say you guys is … sometimes we don’t feel like doing something but a lot of the time we feel so glad we did it anyway!

Don’t get me wrong . . . I know first hand there are EMERGENCIES . I am a mom, and most the time a single one… so , I get it!  I had a women call me from inside an ambulance once, explaining why she needs to miss her appointment.  You guys! I am the easiest going person when it comes to these situations … For all of you that have had serious situations come up… please note that no way am I talking about you!   I would never  shame my clients,   but  please know that time is of value.  I really pride myself in time management by staying on time, taking enough time for my services and confirming appointments in a timely fashion.  I value also the client relationship.  I just ask the same of my guests.

I know I get a lot of feedback from people about charging for missed appointments but I just cant be this girl.  And if you can do this in your profession… kudos to you! I admire your set boundaries and assertiveness …. I just haven’t gotten there yet.  Maybe some day I will.  For now I just want to keep costs down, do great hair and go home!

So much love to all my amazing clients coming back month after month and year after year… I LOVE our time together… Ill say it louder I LOVE LOVE LOVE OUR TIME TOGETHER!  XOOXO

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