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November 1st, Time To Put Up The Christmas Tree? My top 7 things to help savor the holidays

Oh, how I LOVE the Holidays.
I am one of those…
Turning on Mariah Carey a bit too early.
Ordered my photo Christmas cards in mid-October.
Make sure all the holiday decor is ready to set up!
This WAS me anyway, until recently.

What I discovered was a huge letdown the day after Christmas.
Sadness overwhelmed me.
I took down all the decor on the day after Christmas.
It was over…
All the festivities I relished had come to a complete stop.
A sudden halt.
A couple of Christmas’s ago I found myself depressed with an ultra clean house.
No one around.
The only thing to look forward to was dark grey rainy days for at least 3 more months.

I decided the following years would be different.
This is what I do now to continue my love for the holidays but not go overboard sending my system into a toxic shock called LETDOWN.

1. I plan ahead.
Starting with what day would be ideal for putting up the Christmas decor.
I stick with this day, no matter how much I want to put it up earlier.

2. I get out of town for Thanksgiving
As much as I love the holidays my least favorite is Thanksgiving.
I am a pescatarian, I don’t eat meat and I ALWAYS get seated by the one person who points out (LOUDLY) the lack of food on my plate.
Also, it saves all the drama about which family we will go to.
In reality, I rather see all my relatives on a quieter more individual basis.
This makes the holidays and the rest of the year more memorable.

3. I don’t over-plan.
I love the Nutcracker ballet and this is our tradition.
This is the only event I plan for.
Christmas ships, parties, dessert making, and all the other things that sound fun I can take or leave, depending on my energy level.

4. I don’t buy presents.
My son is in his 20s now and I am old enough to have everything I need.
Instead, I schedule “experiences”.
Going to the ballet, “sip and paint” or gingerbread-making nights…
I commit to an event with all my loved ones.
I schedule them out into the first half of the year so I don’t stretch myself thin on time and the fun continues.

5. I stopped trying to be perfect.
Gone are the days of the visual of a Norman Rockwell Holiday.
My house doesn’t need to be spotless.
My cookies and baked treats don’t need to be perfectly uniform.
My tree doesn’t need to be a showpiece.
I pride myself on a “cozy” home.
One that is inviting not “intimidating”

6. I don’t overextend myself at work.
Being a hairstylist I could work and work and work.
Between hair for holiday parties and spiffing up my guests for out-of-town friends and relatives, I used to work until I dropped.
Fear of missing out on money, I never said no to another booking.
I didn’t miss out on the money but I sure missed out on valuable time with my loved ones.

7. Practice Gratitude
I reflect each night as I close my eyes and the big and small things I am grateful for.
It’s easy to go into pity mode.
Thinking about all the people that I won’t see.
Regretful of the things I might miss out on.
I don’t dwell, I smile with a happy heart.
I am grateful to be spending yet another holiday season happy and healthy.

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