I don’t know about you but never heard of this word two years ago.

Covid hit and it hit hard, 24 months …unfathomable how much it would change my life… change the world.  I poo pooed the idea of wearing a mask, belly laughed at salons closing down.  Air travel suspended, unlikely I assumed.  All these scenarios and more became a reality. Salons DID close down, travel halted and I more than sighed.  I became depressed.  Both income sources done… I started to view my life through a looking glass.  My four walls became very small.  I ran out of jig saw puzzles, books to read and quite frankly the news scared and made me increasingly sad. I decided not to run through the rabbit hole of misery. I didn’t want to gain the “Covid 15” (Pounds) , I missed my friends, my family. So I prayed.. then I pivoted.  What a better time then now to take up running.  But wait! I HATE running.  After running marathons and half marathons a decade ago, I told myself “NEVER AGAIN”.  I went easy on myself (and legs) and decided to do it not to train but to get the heck out of the house.  I fell in LOVE!

Salons slowly, with many weird and crazy restrictions opened back up.  It was like my first day on the job again. I feel in LOVE with my career and clients all over again… day after day.  My appreciation level was through the roof.  I wanted to hug each and every person walking through the salon door.  But I did not dare! COVID! I was smiling big smiles under my double mask. I was the happiest I had every been.

I pivoted and took a crap situation and learned from it.  I learned to appreciate more, grow bigger and love greater.

Yes, COVID sucks!  It sucks donkey balls!  With all the sickness, dying and what I call “Covid Roulette” … not knowing if and when.  All the political divide causing the break down of family and friends…

I know I can NOT control the situation but I can control my reaction to it … and I choose PEACE and HAPPINESS, even if this means just going for a long run and appreciating the days I have left here on this earth..

*Thank you to all those that supported me and my business through these uncharted waters.  I will forever remember and be grateful