Pronouns… why our grammar is so important

Pronouns, why we should be checking our grammar….

The pronoun is a word used to replace a noun.

We use them to refer to something or someone. Some languages, like English and Spanish, have gendered pronouns. In English, we use “he” to refer to male nouns, “she” for female nouns, and “it/they” for nouns with no or indeterminate gender.

“Traditional” use of “he/she” in English is to refer to people. This assumes that gender is binary and that people are either male or female. But in truth, gender exists on a spectrum. People can identify as male, female, nonbinary, genderqueer, genderfluid, or any number of other gender-expansive identities.

I know, I know this may sound all too confusing and why does it matter? It matters because we all want to be seen and heard for our 

authentic selves. 

 We all want to feel significant and loved. 

My beautiful client referred me to her amazing child. Their name was once Daysha but now goes by Felicity, Felix, or simply Fel.

I fell in love with them the moment they sat in my chair. Courageous, well-spoken, and enlightened. Hard to believe they are still in high school!

The world is difficult to navigate at times, But to live outside some people’s comfort zones and do it with such grace is such an incredible thing to me. 

Comfort zones and dislike stem from fear. Fear of something that is not known, uneducated. This creates quite a division…

I know from numerous conversations I have had not only with other people in the salon over decades but also as I volunteer on the crisis text line how hurtful it is to the psyche if they are living a “lie”. People don’t want to be “disliked” so they hid their light, their true being from the rest of the world.

Beauty comes in so many forms. I believe anyone living their true self is beautiful.

 To be teaching the world just by living “out loud” is so powerful. 

Fel is empowering others just by being them. They are showing the world it is more than okay to embrace their love and authentic self.

I want to not only thank them for gracing my world but also thank their parents. Fel exclaims out loud how their family have always embraced and showed only love for who they are…

All this is so extraordinary!

Thank you, Felicity, Felix for making not only my world so much brighter with the love you shine out each day but also educating the world on love… by being you…

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