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Review On Dyson’s (H)Airwrap… is it worth the price tag?

I finally took the plunge
Honestly, I would confess to hearing about the Dyson hair tools over a decade ago. Or even longer.
To stay relevant in my craft, I must be in front of all things in the beauty industry that are coming out that are revolutionary.

I poo-pooed Dyson for their beauty “schemes,” I called them. I rolled my eyes at them without doing much homework. Dyson! Yes, I loved my vacuum cleaner.

Analyzing my distaste for Dyson and all this buzz, I must confess the root was my hard work, education, and years in the beauty industry. I am one to pay high dollar for quality. I always SHOULD be one step ahead of the general population in trying these products out and receiving them at a considerable discount. Dyson did not allow for this… this left me with a sense that it must be a fad.
This fad, though, wasn’t going away. Everywhere I looked, Dyson hair tools were popping up.
One day, I logged onto my favorite celebrity hairstylist’s Instagram page, and there he was, blowing out gorgeous heads of hair on top models with his purple and silver Dyson.
I even had a client ask me if I would like to try her Dyson from her home… IN MY SALON! Ummm… NO! I’m a professional with my professional tools… why on earth would I need a client to bring in HER hairdryer?!

Specializing in thick, crazy curly hair, I’ve had clients coming in needing smoothing treatments, but I was perplexed before hitting their hair with water; I ask, ” Is your hair grown straight?”… No, is the reply. It’s easier to dry and smooth out in between visits with… you guessed it… their Dyson.
I want to be relevant… always, no matter how long I stay doing hair. It’s important to me to keep on top of my game. For me, but most importantly for my guests, so pushing my ego aside, I tested out the Dyson Airwrap, and this is what I found…
5 stars out of 5 stars! YES 5 STARS
It takes a lot for me to give this Airwrap 5 stars. I am incredibly picky when styling hair, but, pun intended, I have been blown away!
The Dyson AIRWRAP comes with 3 attachments:
Smoothing Dryer
Round Brush
2 ” Barrel
The Dyson Airwrap uses AIR, not Heat, to style hair, making it virtually impossible to damage hair.
Smoothing Dryer
High power and medium heat with half the time it takes for any other professional dryer! As hairstylists, we learn to direct heat down the hair shaft to close the cuticle for shine; Dyson does this for you. It’s genius
2 Round Brush
I remember way back in high school; my mom gave me a hairdryer that was also a brush, I believe it was by Conair. I tried it on my thick, curly hair and swore I could blow on my hair harder. There’s no way my hair would ever become dry from that one tool. I laughed every time I heard of another company that invented this hairdryer/brush thingy… Dyson mastered this.
For bounce, bounce, and bounce for days! I do recommend using the smoothing dryer first until the hair is 90% dry and straight and then switching up to the Brush, especially on long hair.
3 Barrel THIS! This is where I felt a lot of the magic happened! First, let me say Dyson placed a switch on the top to reverse the air direction depending on which side of the head you are working on. ( It’s fantastic!) Let me first tell you how simple it is to use. On a scale of 1 to 10 on how easy even a klutz can figure it out.. it is a 9! Easily section off a small diameter of hair, comb out any tangle and just hold it up to the wand! The wand grabs onto it. The wand wraps it around like a magnet, let it heat up with the air for a few, then unwrap it (or shoot it with the cool button). Easy Peasy!
Sidenote ( your ends MUST be nicely trimmed or you will end up with a nice curl from roots and middle with ends that are tattered looking).
I had so much fun styling my hair this morning; I was sad when it was over. Even my hubby walked in and said, “Is that a hair dryer AND a curling iron?” YES! I exclaimed and he said, “WOWZA!”

If you are looking for a gift for that special someone who seems to have everything, enjoys beauty, and doesn’t have this… think about getting it, even if this special someone is yourself. I believe you will be a rockstar!

I hope this review helps settle things on the Dyson front for you. Is the price tag worth it?? Perhaps if you want easy peasy gorgeous hair in half the time it usually takes!
I am used to spending tons of money on a hairdryer and irons, so I you must make this decision yourself. I also believe in quality vs. quantity; Dyson IS a quality that will be used for a long time.
Happy Shopping and Great Hair Days to come

Here is the link to the Dyson Airwrap so you can read the reviews that are out there and easily
buy it for yourself!


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