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Seeing The World Through A Lens

How Photography Made Me View The World Differently

I became a “certified” photographer 6 years ago.
I have always had a fascination with taking pictures of the world and the people in it.
Recently I have made time to spearhead this passion.
I take my camera with me everywhere, excited to find the next subject in front of my lens.
I have observed that taking my hobby to the next level has many positive benefits.

1.I look for beauty.
Slowing down and diving into the world, I can see the beauty of industrial sites, an older/elderly woman sitting waiting for a bus. The leaves fall to the earth before winter. Sunlight streaming in on a cold crisp day.
I am curious what beauty awaits me around every corner, each day.

2. I stay present.
Getting the “perfect” shot can take time.
Engaging in what could be a great photo; a sunrise, sunset, wild animal in nature, I stay present. Excited to see what may be happening in the next moments that follow.
Staying present makes me grateful for the big and small moments of the day.

3. Photography preserves new and old memories.
Capturing moments is a powerful tool.
Knowing I am preserving images in time to be cherished into the future, is a gift I hope to give to many generations in my future.

4. Photography allows me to grow as an artist.
Creative minds never hit a ceiling.
As an artist, I am striving for greatERness.
Always looking to perfect my skills knowing perfection is never achievable.
To look back with pride at a photo taken years ago, knowing it’s good but future works are onward and up.

5. Photography makes me experience the world MORE.
Some days I feel like staying in, hunkering down in the quiet solitude of my own home.
Every time I push myself to go find something to photograph, I am grateful I did.
Exploring new farmers’ markets, walks in the woods, seeking out new territory… the world is a BIG place, full of blessings and beauty.

6. It connects me with a “Tribe”
A tribe is so important in life.
My people whether it’s other creatives or my subjects that are in front of the camera, cheer me on, support me, and confirm that my work is important.

My “work” as a photographer is my calling.
Thinking about it makes me giddy, knowing that I am on the right path.
I encourage everyone to find their artistic calling.
To find something that makes your heart smile is more than doing a job… it will give back to you as you give to the world.

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