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Sizzlin HOT Summer… REMEMBERS



Oh, how we long for the heat, especially during those long winter days when the light of day is short and it seems as our patience for the pouring rain is shorter.

Now as we look down the barrel of August do we dare complain about the heat? The probable answer is  HELL yes, we do…

Let us remember to slow down, and appreciate these glorious “heat dome” days.

Remember to check in on our elders, pets,.. and those in need.

Remember to apply sunscreen. Bummed out we will be: if we get a sunburn, sunspots or God forbid .. cancer.  Eazy Peazy! Applying something that will make us stay youthful and healthy. * Please remember to be kind to our planet. Use only “reef safe” approved by the FDA.

Remember to drink H2O, more H2O, and just when you think you are up to your eyeballs in water… guess what, you guessed it! Drink more. Add lemon and cucumber, it’s amazing.

Remember to wear color.  It would be elementary to remind y’all NOT to wear black and  I know it’s an easy “go-to”.  Lighter colors that are free-flowing are a breath of fresh air during the heat not only on your skin but visually.  Oh and maybe don a hat.  Modern accessory and taking care of your noggin for the win.

Remember to exercise early. Before the mercury rises and as the dawn is slowly drifting upwards welcoming the day.  Exercise is important not only for our physical well-being but also for our mental state. So why not start the day off on the right foot… or left, whichever?

Remember your hair,  I know … I know this sounds like a shameless plug to come in and get your gorgeous hair trimmed but I also want to remind all you lovelies and gents to not overheat your hair during summer.  Try showering at night, not only is this a great way to cool down but leaves your hair and you from becoming too dry… let it dry naturally overnight and style it up in the morning.  This will save so much time and heat (even letting your home stay cooler).  One more “remember” on this point: Do NOT wash your hair every day/night, this really dries it out, all year long.

Remember that less is more on makeup this time of year.  Perhaps use a BB cream for foundation/powder instead. Wear waterproof mascara to avoid that panda eye look (unless you’re into that and then there’s no judgment). Self-tanner is your friend.  Apply with gloves and add it to your sunscreen for that non-streaky look.  This will leave you looking sun-kissed and dewy.

REMEMBER… and this is the biggest one for this season.  Embrace the moments.  Finding joy, appreciate even the little things that summer brings even in the heat.  Gorgeous sunsets/sunrises, cold ice tea, ocean breezes, BBQ with family and friends, waking up in the morning to a smiling face (even if it’s your own)… Before you know it, in the blink of an eye we will all be cursing the cold long days once again.

Be kind to each other, especially yourself..


PS: Here’s my new favorite treat in the heat!
1 1/2 C non-fat Greek yogurt
1/3 C blueberries
1/3 C strawberries
(or any of your favorite in-season fruit, mine is PEACHES!)
2 tbsp coconut flakes, unsweetened
FREEZE for 3 hours or until yogurt is firm.
Break off a bite and BON APPETIT!



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