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Tips for a successful Salon visit

We all have been there, we have high expectations of what we think our visit to the salon will look and feel like.  I was recently disappointed in the results I received at a nail salon.

Instead of speaking up I now sit here staring at my nails, trying to talk myself into how they look and not getting frustrated at the amount of money I spent and the time lost.

So you see, as your hairstylist, I too get it! My passion is not only to provide amazing hair but I am also a people pleaser.

Here is a list that can make your salon visit not only a success for you but for me as well!

1. What are your expectations?    Let’s just start off there.  This is a question I often ask, especially to my newbies.  Do you expect your dream hair TODAY or in the near future?  Do you expect straight hair out of a “retexturizing” treatment? Do you expect what you “normally” get? Or do you expect something much different?  Consultations begin for me right here… Let’s chat about it.  I know I can come across as a mind reader sometimes but trust me… I’m not… what I am good is at hearing what you have to say.

2. Provide photos! Not just of what you desire but more importantly what you don’t!  The last thing I want is disappointment!  If I cut straight across bangs because a guest is super excited to “get bangs today!!”  Then let down because they had envisioned curtain bangs, this is a lost/lose. I must have specifics and photos to help.

3.  Now let’s talk about being realistic… Will your hair do the thing you have your heart set on? ” Kardashian” hair seems to be a lot of women’s fantasy but let’s be real… Kim K and her sisters are blessed with the “hair gene” AND  an onsite hairstylist touching up their extensions on a daily basis.  Love that sleek” Victoria Secret “hair that blows in the wind as they run down the beach?  Let me stop you right there… these models probably can’t run down a beach without twisting their ankle and are severely photoshopped….   I believe EVERYONE can have amazing hair with what their momma gave em… Let’s work with what you have! *  The morning will be so much easier this way…

4.  I LOVE hearing what you have going on.  Please tell me all about your kiddos, hubby, wife, job… trials, and victories going on BUT let’s first get through the consultation… After the driving in, come on in,  have a seat, let’s talk about your hair… thoroughly.  What’s working for you and what’s not ( be prepared to answer these questions… it’s your homework), are you getting compliments?  THEN let’s transition to the rest of you… what’s going on with you, your health, lifestyle, and home…  Give me all of it but in an orderly fashion so we don’t skimp out on why you are here.

5.  Be on time.  An important thing to know about me is … I’m very much a “YES” person.  It pains me to say NO, especially to a guest of Dawn Marie Artistry. I so much appreciate all my clients and I recognize the efforts some/most of you put into driving miles to get to me.  I know firsthand living part-time in Seattle how awful traffic can be and it can turn on you quickly.  Please know it really does take about an hour to drive from Seattle to Tacoma… ESPECIALLY  on Fridays… no matter the time of day.  I get it… frustrated clients that call or text telling me they will be over 15 minutes late, it puts me in a bind on what to do.  Make the rest of my day wait? Causing my day to run behind?… Everyone’s time is valuable, EACH client of EVERY day.  I don’t have a solution for traffic causing late fees or cancelations, trust me I wish I did but please note that I much rather you come in early, I’ll make you a cup of coffee, tea, or cold water as you read through the latest fashion mags. Perhaps go for a short walk down on the water’s edge… It does affect me to see anyone disappointed by an appointment that is lost.  * SIDE NOTE: I do appreciate the heads up when running late and will do my best to accommodate any chance I can, any way I can.

6.  Leave work at home.  Let me give you the much-needed self-care time you deserve.  Taking phone calls, replying to an email, or reading through that document for work not only takes away from the whole salon experience. Making you distracted from getting your hair done.  Even if a conversation is something you are NOT interested in, please… just sit back, shut your eyes and let me handle this hour or more of your time.  If you fall asleep??? Awesome, it happens… a lot, and I am honored.

7.  Reach out with questions!  I am pretty quick with replies but please do know that I do not text back when I’m with a guest, that whole “everyone’s time is valuable” thing.  I also have two days off in a row during the week and I am probably with my family, it may take me until the next business day to reply.  I get up VERY early/go to bed early so if you text me after 8 pm, you more than likely will hear from me the next morning.  Also,  know that text or emails may get lost in translation, causing a lack of emotion.   Please know that a terse response is me trying to reply quickly.  There are no silly questions and I value the inquiries.

8. Prebook! Have  I told y’all how much I dislike saying no… it pains me when a guest REALLLLLY needs to get in, especially before that big trip, wedding, work interview or just life in general, and guess what… I am booked.  Weekends are typically booking up a month in advance so please please and pretty please.. if you know your schedule, book in advance.

9.  Most important tip for a successful visit…  be yourself.  Know that my studio is a safe space full of compassion, non judgment, creativity, and most of all GREAT hair.  “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”.   So many times we may conjure up an idea that we need to be younger, older, thinner, bigger, prettier, wealthier, etc etc etc.  Beauty is in each and every one of us if we just have the courage to be ourselves..

Thank you for being you and for giving me the chance to get to know you AND your hair


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