A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life

~Coco Chanel

Hair Cuts, Brazilian Blowouts, Up-dos, Makeup, Airwaves... In the Salon and On~Site...

About Dawn

Specializing in all things design! I LOVE to custom make a hair style suitable just for you! What sets me aside from a lot of "hairstylists"?  I TRULY want to make people FEEL good! I honestly care about all my clients, new AND old.  I ❤️  being happy and helping people find joy.  Receiving my license at the young age of 16... I will be honest when I say I DO love it every passing year.  When I am in the studio I enjoy giving a great cut, Brazilian Blowout, Up~do or even just a simple style if you don't feel like put forth the effort yourself. The icing on the cake is getting to know people, talking with them about everyday life!

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Dawndra Budd… Not “just” a photographer… STUNNING “artist”

      I can NOT say enough GREAT things about this lady right here!  Not only is she one of the coolest people… her photographs  are TRULY a works of art.  She takes such pride in each and every click of her camera and it shows.  I met her years ago when her photos…

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Set up and Tear down sounds daunting … Not for Pacheco’s Weddings and Events!

I’m not quite sure when I was formally introduced to Matthew Pacheco and his crew, being in the wedding biz, I followed him on social media for sometime and felt like we knew each other already. Seeing him around in person or on the inter webs is exactly the same feel.  He is soooo personable,…

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The GREAT thing about a Wedding!

Most people have an opinion of what their favorite moment is/was during a wedding. Seeing the bride walk down the aisle, speech from a beloved friend, THE DANCING ❤️ but asking this question to the masses, a lot / most people may say seeing “the father/daughter” dance. Hearing which song was picked and why and…

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