A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life

~Coco Chanel

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About Dawn

Specializing in all things design! I LOVE to customize a hair style suitable just for you! What sets me aside from a lot of "hairstylists"?  I TRULY want to make people FEEL good! I care about all my clients, new AND old.  I ❤️  being happy and helping people find joy.  Receiving my license at the young age of 16... I honestly can say I love what I do more and more every passing year. 

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Self Care. My favorite massage therapist !

I am not bragging when I say that I have been in the beauty industry for years and it has some great perks! One of the perks is getting to know some of the best professionals in the beauty and self care biz.  I am humbled by this fact.  Take for example Teri Ehnat. I…

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My Happy Place…

This photo, may seem non impressive, random, ordinary… But to me it’s everything. I have been all over the world looking for a better “something”, somewhere or  even someone at times to make me happy… happier. Recently I cleaned out my guest room of all things that would make a guest feel comfortable and at…

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Staying Healthy Even in the Darkest of Winter

    Winter is HERE, with darker nights and cold weather… it can seem all daunting to stick with a  healthy diet and head to the gym. Maybe go for a early morning run! Sounds simple but  but many of us struggle with our diet and exercise when it’s cold, damp and dreary outside.  Sadness…

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