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Spring is almost here...  Can you tell?

( Ixtapa, Mexico March 2022)

Dawn at Sunset... Perfect time of any day


With sunsets like this, it's hard to pick a favorite color

  • West Seattle February 10th 2022


"Over the years I have felt the truest, purest love-the love of God.. I imagine that's what God's love feels like... is the love that comes from your dog"

Eloise, Ellie.. My sweet sweet girl. My assistant at work, my warm snuggle bug at night, lover of popcorn and Netflix...  My heart is full everyday with her by my side..

I love photographing people.  Bringing out the "true" personality.  Making them feel special, pretty and confident. Photos are a great way to leave a legacy.. memories for future generations to see..

January 22, 2022. Saturday Night Sunset in Seattle.  The days are so cold, 5 weeks into winter.... 8 more weeks until spring.  Mother Nature keeps my attention with stunning ends to the days like this..



The time I had the amazing adventure to go to the Salton Sea..

California's largest lake  was once a destination for visitors seeking  gorgeous views and a nice place to swim and relax  because of pollutive human activities, that's just a memory. The Salton Sea now happens to be one of the most polluted lakes in the state, with polluted air, copious amounts of dust making it hard to breathe, and algal blooms which contaminate the water. In fact, the area is expected to be deemed completely "unlivable" within the next few years.

To stand on the waters edge , the smell is overwhelming.. How can such a beautiful scene be so repelling now... It's sad.

My Office, My Happy Place...

Raspberries are the goodness of nature.

The soothing sight of God's creation found growing wild...



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